Bloomingville creates beautiful designs, furniture, home accessories for the very style-conscious consumers. Bloomingville is a Danish brand, which was founded in 2000 of Betina Stamp, which was driven by the desire to create Nordic design. dealer a large and carefully selected assortment of Bloomingville products.
Here you will find everything for home, right from furniture, to interior and handicrafts. Here you can see our delicious Bloomingville sofas, daybeds., Cases or tables.

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Here on the page you will find our large selection of Bloomingville furniture. Bloomingville makes collections inspired by Nordic trends and trends. With a furniture from Bloomingville you get natural simplicity, which puts the icing in any home. It is one of Denmark's strongest brands in housing interior, and you find right here everything to your home, whether it comes to the living room, kitchen or children's room. Bloomingville stands for quality, simplicity, modern furniture and good atmosphere, and you will find a product that fits perfectly into your home. So explore our large selection of Bloomingville furniture, which includes everything from a nice display cabinet for a magical pendant, and give your home a Scandinavian makeover.


Bloomingville - products with character

Bloomingville was established in the year 2000 of Betina Stampe. She was driven by her strong fascination for Nordic design and lifestyle, and she has since the establishment of Bloomingville shared his passion for creative and personal ways to keep home forever changing, with people all over the world. In 2014, Bloomingville became part of the American Regent Holding company, which brought an even broader perspective on globalization and greatness to the brand.
Today, Bloomingville's collections and philosophies have been adopted by millions of homes around the world, and Bloomingville annually launches 4 main collections, 2 mini collections, various seasonal collections and 1 enchanting Christmas collection. Bloomingville's mission has, despite the massive popularity and growth, always been the same - to provide happy changes to everyday designers. With a wide selection of modern products, reasonable prices, good quality and high level of service, this mission is made possible.
With their great experience and many collections behind them, Bloomingville has a unique ability to create products that contribute with a warm and informal atmosphere in any home. Bloomingville has great focus on the famous Danish aesthetic tradition, and with their global partnership, they have the possibility of designing collections inspired by different cultures. This is specifically helping to strengthen the products, and it gives them a character without equal. However, what is never changed is Bloomingville's ability to bring new life and small surprises into the modern home.


Bloomingville interiors that enchants any

Bloomingville sells everything within the housing interior of your dream house, and there is no excuse not to stay exactly as you want, store genial, sit comfortably, or see your house in constant change, because you never pay too much for a Bloomingville product . You will also experience a considerable better atmosphere and an adventurous atmosphere that can easily be achieved with products that fall right in your taste. Bloomingville creates housing interiors, who with a brilliant mix of reproduction of French vintage and Nordic style can enchant anyone.

Pick, for example, your room up with one of our delicious Bloomingville Daybeds, which works perfectly as both sofa and bed - and then they obviously come in beautiful colors and stylish designs. You also have the opportunity to give tin dining room a brand new look. Just look our great selection of Bloomingville tables, which include the beautiful 'cozy dining table' that is a delicious plank table in oak. Then you finally collect the whole family for a good dinner around this beautiful dining table. Bloomingville has also designed a sea of ​​good storage solutions, so you can be sure that your storage solutions are always super stylish. Bloomingville storage offers, for example, on the rustic, but extremely elegant, 'Lia closet'. A closet of clear glass with a frame of gold - definitely worth a look!


Takklifting is your Bloomingville dealer

Bloomingville thus makes everything in the furniture and interiors and they have something that falls in your taste. The simple and fine design fit into any context, and the majority of the furniture can advantageously be matched with each other, either in the same room or more rooms, to tie the device together. Match example different colors of the beautiful and elegant bloomingville chairs, and create a perfect atmosphere in the dining room. You can also match a nice bloomingville coffee table with an elegant Bloomingville sofa, and the many different options make you design your living room just as you want it. Other products Bloomingville offers is everything from a simple lamp For varnish pillows and a soft blanket.
Are you a real plant fan? Then you can also get the perfect Bloomingville flowerpot shells as well as flowerpot. The plants you can ask your new Bloomingville shelf, and you can also decorate the shelf with a mirror. Thus, you do not doubt about whether Bloomingville has exactly the product you want. They really have everything in the home interior and you find it all right here on the side. Here with Takklifting. Of course, we also always get ready with a good bloomingville offer so you have the opportunity to make a proper scoop. We also also have our products from Bloomingville on sale in NY and then. We are proud to be Bloomingville dealer and it must be celebrated once in a while. So hurry to explore the big selection here on the page, and find the perfect furniture for your home.


Service and delivery

At Takklifting, we try to create a world of sensory impressions and moods for your home. We love decor and beautiful designs, and we try every day to help our customers create their own expression and identity in the home. We all love home, and we will always endeavor to have a committee where our customers can hand pick the products that fit their style. So you have questions about our great selection of Bloomingville furniture, please feel free to write to us at, or you can fill in our contact form on the webshop - We look forward to hearing from you!