Dining tables

At TAKK Living, we have gathered a large selection of dining tables for you dinning room or kitchen-dining room. We have something for every style - whether you are for the elegant, light, minimalist, raw or rustic, we can easily help you. Finally, get inspired and see if you can find your next dining table.
We have carefully selected all the tables and can thereby ensure that the design and functionality are paramount and that we are always up to date with the latest brands and products. All the furniture is in the most beautiful quality and produced by our well-known and popular brands, which we sell in the shop.

Dining tables in fantastic quality

Are you looking for a new dining table in a fantastic quality? Then we would very much like to be helpful in finding the right one for you. We have a delicious and large selection of the most beautiful dining tables in many different sizes, materials and colors. There is something for you who need a long table for the dining room, the small round table for the dining area in the kitchen or a medium length table that can accommodate your family members. Explore our fine universe of stylish and exclusive furniture. We make a great virtue in being able to embrace several styles and with prices where everyone can participate. We have laid the foundation for a good opportunity for you to find a dining table that suits your style and your needs. As our selection accommodates many sizes of tables, you can find a table that you can use in many rooms in the home. We have sizes that fit perfectly in the smaller kitchen, in the kitchen living room, the large dining room or as a table in a meeting room or your office. The selection also contains several different delicious materials, which allows you to choose between tables in different types of wood, concrete, glass, terrazzo, laminate, etc. We provide the opportunity for you to find a table that can fit in with your current interior design style. To add a personal touch to your dining area, you can decorate the table with personal items, such as candlesticks or vases with fine flowers. We are ready to help you if you want guidance, advice or have questions about our products.

Dining tables with space for the whole family

The delicious plank tables are becoming a bigger and bigger part of Danish homes. We have a large and fat selection of plank tables and dining tables in different types of wood and it is one of the most popular choices of dining tables. We have many different sizes, which allows you to find a wooden table that can accommodate the whole family. Many of our tables can also be purchased with additional plates, so you have the opportunity to extend the table when family birthdays are held or guests are visiting. There are both additional plates for our elongated tables as well as our round tables. Common to the entire selection is that our dining tables are made in the best quality and in the most delicious materials. We select our brands and products carefully to ensure that all our products are in high quality, timeless and in a stylish design.

At a store at TAKK Living, you are assured that your dining table can last for many years - both in quality and design.

Dining tables in beautiful materials and colors

The dining table is often the family gathering place. This is where you eat breakfast together on the weekends and dinner together after a long day. This is where we have good long talks with family and friends, here we are creative and here we enjoy good food. Most people associate the dining area with an area that offers cosiness and where there is room for everyone.

At TAKK Living, we have gathered the most beautiful tables in the most delicious materials and colors. We have ensured that everyone should be able to find something to their taste and needs. Choose your dining table in a material or color that matches the rest of the dining room or kitchen decor - it will provide a support to the other furniture and create a beautiful whole. If you want to create a fresh breath and mix materials and colors, you can advantageously choose to find a wooden table if the rest of the room is very minimalist and raw. Whereas if you want to create a more raw look in the already soft, cozy and natural atmosphere, you can advantageously look for a raw dining table in, for example, iron or concrete.

All our materials are of the highest quality and with a finish that makes each product beautiful and exclusive to look at.

You are guaranteed to find a dining table that suits your needs, taste and decor.

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