Canett Furniture is the perfect match for Takklifting. And our customers. Canett has a large selection of, dining tables, Vitrine cabinets, Dining table chairs, lounge chairs and much more in the best quality.


The story of CANETT Furniture

Canett Furniture is one of Scandinavia's leading and most versatile manufacturers of quality furniture. Canett Furniture was started in 2003 and has since, been one of Denmark's leading brands, in the development of beautiful, innovative and durable dining tables and chairs. They have through their 17 years innovated and created furniture in the best qualities. Canett Furniture focuses on exciting and timeless designs and good solid materials. They have competitive prices, allowing our customers to get the best quality at good prices.



Canett Furniture has in recent years expanded their assortment, so that among other things contains the most beautiful mirrors, coffee tables, bestow and console tables. Like their other goods, there is great focus on the craft and details that create that edge and finish.

Canett Furniture will meet everyone's needs and has therefore created the perfect collection, to the modern accommodation.

Canett Furniture Takes Social Responsibility

Canett Furniture has since start focused on delicious design, quality and sustainability. They take a social and environmental responsibility when producing their goods. You do this by limiting the impact on the environment and therefore using only certified wood, which is grown in a sustainable way.
Canett Furniture also appreciates that their dealers try to limit the negative impact on the environment. Therefore, you will always find that we recycle the cardboard that we get in our warehouse to send our orders in.

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With Takklifting. are our customers in the forefront. It is important for us that our customers appreciate act by us. We are therefore ready to help you if you have any questions about our beautiful products, for your order or our delivery. We provide both furniture and interior to Denmark and the rest of Europe. You can find our list of countries that we ship on our webshop. We have freight free delivery from order of over 399.- and our freight companies ensure that the product is delivered within 1-3 days from sending.