Patio furniture

At TAKK Living we have a large selection of garden furniture and garden accessories for the terrace and garden. We have carefully selected the products, all of which appear in good quality, modern and in delicious materials and colors. You will find i.a. garden tables , garden chairs , benches , flower pot concealers , lanterns and umbrellas .
All from our popular and well-known brands which ensure that the design is beautiful and the quality is top notch. Explore the shop, get inspired and let us finally hear from you if we can help you with anything.

Buy Garden furniture online in Denmark

When the sun is high in the sky with promises of long and warm days, we move out. We cook good food on the grill with a delicious salad. We eat and have fun with friends and family, and we read a good book in the deck chair while enjoying the good weather. The prerequisite for all this to be possible is that we have real garden furniture - and that is exactly what we have here at TAKK Living. We have everything you need when you want to enjoy life outdoors on the balcony, terrace and in the garden. We always have low prices on our garden furniture, cushions, baskets, lounge sets and much more. Decorate your outdoor area for pure relaxation and coziness with the products on this page. We have a large selection of garden furniture and outdoor decorations that will suit your balcony, terrace and garden. Among other things, you can get a cozy café table for your balcony. If you have a large terrace or garden, you can instead choose a large table with matching chairs. Then there is room for both family and friends when they are over for a cozy barbecue evening on a hot summer day. So explore our many products and decorate your garden in style.

Garden furniture for all tastes

In our large assortment of garden furniture, you will of course find the classic garden tables and chairs that fit any home. For example, we also have sun loungers and lounge furniture, so you can really put comfort first. They are designed for cosiness and relaxation, and it is almost impossible not to fall asleep in the comfortable 3-person sofa for the garden. Of course we also have cushions for all garden furniture, so you always sit comfortably.

There are endless interior design options with garden furniture, and it is only your own imagination that sets the limits of how you want to decorate your garden. Fortunately, we have gathered a large selection of the different types of garden furniture, so you can easily find exactly what suits your needs. Among our range, you will find garden furniture made of teak, hardwood, granite, polyrattan, plastic and many other exciting materials.

Garden furniture in polyrattan

Polyrattan garden furniture is a safe choice for you who do not want to spend time on maintenance. Polyrattan is an extremely durable material, which is why Mr. and Mrs. Denmark have also welcomed these types of furniture for the garden. In addition to the furniture's elegant and beautiful material, polyrattan requires neither paint nor oil, like many other garden furniture. That's why the polyrattan is tailored for you who just want to relax - every summer - without having to deal with paintbrushes and oiling. The material is incredibly hardy, which also makes it UV resistant. This means that these garden furniture will not fade over time. In addition, the cost associated with the production of this furniture is extremely low, which ultimately provides a fantastically sharp price to the customers.

The classic white garden furniture

You will find the classic white garden furniture in many places around the Danish villa gardens, for which there are many good reasons. This garden furniture has a certain national romantic character about it, which many Danes associate with the epitome of summer. A garden furniture set in white is also suitable for all gardens and terraces due to its elegance and timeless look. So whether your garden is minimalist or at the Søren Ryge stage, a set of white garden furniture will fit.

Decorative items for the garden that add the finishing touch

Among our large selection of garden furniture, you will of course also find a large selection of small decorative items that add the finishing touch. See, for example, our beautiful plant hides in black wicker, which will create a beautiful expression on both the terrace, balcony and in the garden. We also offer wicker garden furniture if you want to create a consistent wicker theme. One material that goes well with wicker is bamboo. If you want to make a good mix between wicker and bamboo, then of course we also have a wide range of garden furniture in bamboo .

When the weather invites it, many families spend much of their free time in the garden and on the terrace or balcony. So explore our large selection of cheap garden furniture in good quality, and choose the one that suits your taste and your garden. Buy your new furniture here with us, and get delicious retro garden furniture - or just some completely classic and elegant, it's all up to you. You will get more out of the summer if you choose the right garden furniture, which is why we have made sure that our selection offers garden furniture for every taste. If you are exploring our many beautiful garden furniture, we are also always ready with a good offer if we do not hold an entire sale. For us, it is important that our garden furniture is sold at favorable prices, so that everyone has a chance to participate.

Service and delivery

At TAKK Living, we try to create a world of sensory impressions and moods for your home. We love interior design and beautiful designs, and we try every day to help our customers create their own expression and identity in the home. We all love homes, and we will always strive to have a selection where our customers can hand-pick the products that suit their style. If you have questions about our large selection of garden furniture, please feel free to write to us at, or you can fill out our contact form on the webshop - we look forward to hearing from you!