Plank tables

If you are looking for a delicious plank table for the home, then you have found the perfect shelf here at Takkliving. Our plank tables are of the highest quality and fit perfectly into the dining room of the modern home, and it is the perfect canvas that can bring family and friends together for cozy moments. The dining table is a gathering point in the home, and therefore it is important that you have a table that can hold something and look good at the same time.

Below you will find plank tables in many different sizes, shapes, colors and materials that are carefully selected. Therefore, there is guaranteed to be a table that lives up to your expectations, and each plank table has beautiful details in the woodwork that make them unique to your particular home. Take a look at our selection and finally get in touch with us if you have questions or need help.

Find the home's new meeting point in a plank table at Takkliving

The dining table is one of the very special places in the home, where you can have extra fun and cultivate the presence with those you care about. Precisely for this reason, the dining table must be both beautiful and practical at the same time, so that you can impress your guests without having to worry about spilling on the table.

All our plank table models are solid and durable, and our plank tables are of the highest quality to ensure that they can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life for many years into the future. There is both a color and a style to suit everyone, and the sizes vary so that the table can fit perfectly into the dining room. Plank tables are incredibly modern and really delicious to look at and touch, and it is an investment that you will be really happy with in the long run.

All plank tables are unique

A plank table is not just a table like all the others you can find in the larger residential houses - they are all unique because they are made of real wood. There is not one tree in the whole world that has an identical twin, and therefore you are sure to get a completely unique table if you choose a plank table on this page.

In addition, the differences help to give the plank tables a special soul, where you can see knots, veins and much more that tell about the life the tree has lived until it became a delicious table. And that is exactly the story behind the plank table, which in its very own unique way brings some life and soul to the home with its warmth, and typically the plank table will stand in bold contrast in the modern decorated home.

The plank table allows you to get a little closer to nature in your own home, and a beautiful table is guaranteed to be something that will take cones when you have friends and acquaintances visit. Precisely bringing nature into the home has become very popular in recent years, and is one of the things that makes the Nordic style completely unique, where you combine bright colors with natural materials.

Plank tables in many styles

Just as different the trees are from each other in nature, just as we humans are also different, and this can be allowed to be expressed with a plank table on this page. We have specially selected a large number of different plank tables that have many types of styles, and there are therefore definitely one or two models among them that are perfect for you and your home.

On this page, we have both round and square plank tables, just as there are plank tables in different varieties of wood that are treated in different ways. It will be almost too much to list all the different plank tables up here, and in reality it is much more fun to explore here on the site itself. A beautiful plank table fits perfectly into a modern, Danish home, and whether it is lacquered or stained, a plank table is an essential addition to any home.

Create soul in the living room with a plank coffee table

In our large selection of plank tables on this page, you will not only find beautiful plank tables for the dining room - we also have a versatile selection of plank coffee tables that can give the living room a little extra soul and charm. There is nothing as cozy as wood and nature, and a cozy plank table for the living room can help to bring this. You can possibly choose a slightly darker plank table type for the living room, if you already have a lot of white, or you can keep the bright, delicate decor with a light plank table instead. There are lots of options based on the many different plank table models on this page, and there is plenty of inspiration to be found for the rest of the decor here at Thanksgiving .

Plank tables can last for everyday life

A dining table must above all be practical, as it is used all the time, and it must be said that our plank tables on this page are. Plank tables are hardy by nature, and you therefore do not have to be careful all the time when you sit and eat at the table. Everyday life offers many different situations, and if you constantly have to take care of your table, then you can not live life to the fullest - and here a plank table is a really good buy.

The vast majority of plank tables are treated so that dirt and grime can be wiped off with a damp cloth, and our plank tables are of high quality - so the materials have not been spared. Plank tables are both functional and smart, and there is no doubt that you will be happy with your plank table no matter which model you choose.

As mentioned, the plank tables are quite hardy and can handle an everyday life, but like all other natural materials, the wood will continue to develop and may dry out a bit. Fortunately, it is easy to saturate it again with a good wood oil, after which the plank table is ready to take on the many situations of everyday life again.

Our focus is high quality and the best service

All our plank tables on this page are carefully selected with the highest quality in mind, and these are therefore tables that are both practical and beautiful to look at. The plank tables are made of hardy woods that can withstand everything that everyday life has to offer them, and our plank tables can last for many years because the quality is top notch. A piece of furniture is part of the soul of the home, and therefore quality is a key issue for us and in the plank tables that you will find on this page.

When you buy a piece of furniture here at Thanksgiving , we always strive to provide you with the best possible service. It must be a solid experience to shop here with us, and therefore we are also available both by email and in the chat from kl. 8.00 and all the way until kl. 22.00. We are ready to answer any questions that may arise, and there is no such thing as stupid questions - we are always ready to help.