Trademark Living.

Trademark Living was started in 2006 with the idea of ​​influencing the Danish interior and furniture market with their unique vintage style, produced with pitch. They have a large assortment of retro and unique vintage furniture, with a raw Nordic look.
They design a large part of their products, which have a great focus on recycled materials, old findings and new produced things. All their furniture can therefore be characterized as unique, as all their materials vary. Trademark Living, as one of the only furniture / interior business, has great experience in recycling furniture and the environment in all their collections.
Here you will find our large selection of Trademark Living products that accommodate more than 400 different goods.


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Window with glass square

Trademark Living

3.247,00 KR

Rolling table with beautiful marble plates

Trademark Living

1.999,00 KR

Round Leather Puff

Trademark Living

1.687,00 KR

Iron console table

Trademark Living

1.687,00 KR

Bench in an exclusive design

Trademark Living

3.273,00 KR

Cabinet with a raw design - 9 drawers

Trademark Living

4.157,00 KR


Trademark Living

1.297,00 KR

Square and rough sofa table

Trademark Living

2.467,00 KR

Cool square leatherpuf.

Trademark Living

2.012,00 KR

Vinreol with seven shelves

Trademark Living

2.467,00 KR

Raw single console table

Trademark Living

4.092,00 KR

Trolley (more colors)

Trademark Living

1.635,00 KR

Cool round leather puff antique brown

Trademark Living

2.142,00 KR

Shelf in recycling tree

Trademark Living

2.077,00 KR

Ceiling light Moonlight - Small

Trademark Living

1.232,00 KR

Vinreol to 20 bottles

Trademark Living

1.791,00 KR

Create a beautiful decor with timeless and raw furniture from Trademark Living

Trademark Living creates beautiful and routing furniture. Are you starting your home again or are you going to move in new accommodation you can find a lot of beautiful furniture for this here at - We have a great selection of Trademark Living many beautiful designs. It may also be that you stand and must move home and weigh quality high from the start, so you also find all furniture that must be used for this here.

No matter what situation you stand in it is certainly recommended to take a closer look at Furniture from Trademark Living and Interior here at As Trademark Living dealer, as I said, we have a great selection of their beautiful furniture, and we will therefore guarantee a furniture that fits perfectly into your style.

Trademark Living furniture and interior - beautiful and unique style.

Trademark Living is a relatively new, but is also incredibly rapidly becoming a highly recognized and traditional furniture and interior fire. As right from the start, focus on recycled materials in order to think the sustainability into beautiful furniture with stories, which speaks to those who love to have furniture in their home, which no one else in the world has. In other words, Trademark Living can be described as an additional company as appeals to people who dare to stand out with different style.

Trademark Living has since the start in 2006 created a brand known for their innovative approach to recycling materials when designing furniture such as, vitrine cabinets, tables, chairs and handicrafts. From the outset, they have had a personal interest in helping to create mature, with a personal desire for sustainability.

Style Trademark Living is picked up with inspiration in recycling furniture as they find around the world and give new life. They get much of their inspiration from furniture in India, as they redesign with an edge of the Nordic style, so you are sure to get a completely unique piece of furniture.

At we have a huge selection of beautiful furniture from trademark living and our range contains beautiful vitrine cabinets, rustic dining tables, great puffs in recycled leather, impressive routing mirrors and much more. We are as you can read incredibly proud of being Trademark Living dealer and the many beautiful furniture we can offer our customers.

Great selection of Trademark Living furniture at low prices

In this category Here you can find our entire selection of Trademark Living furniture, which spans very wide. If you do not find the desired Trademark Living furniture on our site, we can guarantee it. This means that we will now have all the furniture you stand and need to use.

Do you go and looking for a new dining table, to the new dining room you stand and need to arrange? Or miss your living room a beautiful and stylish vitrium cabinet for storage and showing your beautiful glass and plates. It can also be you like so many other numerous storage space, and looking for a piece of furniture as convenient, but beautifully can help with this.

No matter what you need to find you can find a beautiful functional solution in our large selection of Trademark Living furniture and interior. We also have Trademark Living dealers also price guarantee on our side, it means that if you were going to find the furniture cheaper elsewhere, then we naturally match the price of our site - it calls good service.

Beautiful, recycling and personal design

When we talk quality furniture, we cannot avoid the name Trademark Living, it is the epitome of this. Their vintage furniture is particularly aimed at the quality consumer consumer who loves vintage style, but also does not want to compromise on sustainability. All furniture is produced in view of sustainability, without compromising on quality. In other words, it also means that you are secured furniture and interior representing long-lasting solution that can withstand everyday wear.

Trademark Living - Vintage furniture with style

Are you at the raw and rustic décor in the home, you will guarantee Trademark Living. They create the most beautiful vintage furniture that has a fat finish with edge. The raw style fits perfectly into the safer Nordic style, and creates a perfect mix with the patinating surfaces that provide opportunities to arrange in exactly the way you want. For the same reason, we cannot guarantee that the furniture from Trademark Living will be quite as it will be shown in the picture, as all our furniture for own life and soul.

Order online at Takklifting - and get the furniture quickly!

With us we make a giant of providing the most possible service on all parameters, it means that when you have ordered, for example. A dining table from Trademark Living, instantly embarking it in the warehouse when it is shipped with our freight man, you will be notified with tracking number on the shipment, so it will be possible to call and arrange delivery day with the freight.

We, of course, try to deliver all orders with express service, however, sometimes takes longer if our cargo must first be on your route the next day. If it is larger furniture we send with the carrier, on the other hand if there are smaller goods, we will send with GLS or PostNord.

Of course, when you buy furniture for many thousands of crowns, it must be safe, for the same reason of we also the e-commerce brand, which is your guarantee for safe processing of your information.

Should you have any questions about goods or processes, you must be more than welcome to contact us by mail: - or catch us on the LiveChat, where we sit ready 8-20 every day.

Order already today easily and safely - then you may have your new, Trademark Living furniture already tomorrow.