About complaints

At THANKS, we give 2 years of warranty in accordance with the Buying Act. The warranty applies to errors in material or by fabrication, but unfortunately does not apply to errors or damage committed by improper operation of the product.

How do I advertise an item?

If you want to advertise a product, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible after the error has been discovered and sends an email to our customer service here (link). We need the following information when you have to advertise:

A description of the error on the item - Also attach images and video

A description of how the error has occurred.

Like a description of a possibly. Spare part that can rectify the error.

Your order number on the item and your contact information.

You will then receive an email from us with the further instructions, depending on the specific situation.

After you receive an email from us and possibly. Must send your product back, it is important that you send the product in a sound packaging, as you have the responsibility for the package until it is received with us. Also, take a picture of the package before you sent it. Then we will arrange to process your complaint as soon as possible.

THANK YOU COVER THE CUSTOMS FOR RETURNING ASKING SUBJECT AND Turning the complaint on a larger product, we pick up in Street Plan.